Shark Hole Laundry

"Thanks to Mediatec, I had my phone fixed while I waited. Good price, great atmosphere and even better convo. Now we can get back to business."

Sonya Holder

"My experience was good. The customer service was very good. The repair person was pleasant. I would recommend this company to any one. It is nice seeing young Bermudians taking on a new business in this day and these times. Congrats!!"

Raymond Burrows III

"The process was fast, and I was happy with the finishing result."

Decisions Bermuda

"8 out of 10 - Professional and relatively timely services."

Simone Wales

"Mediatec fixed my phone and now it works like brand new. I’ll take my phone to them every time. Thanks Mediatec!"

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Michael Steede

"I wasn’t going to fix my broken screen because it was too expensive. Mediatec fixed my phone for a very fair price and it only took 5 minutes."

Andrea Smith

"I approached Mediatec when I dropped my brand new iphone 6 because I couldn't afford the expensive repair fees that were quoted to me by G&G, Audio Visual and Irepair. With their wellness plan prices were $100 cheaper! They were also friendly, extremely fast and even offered me a pick up and delivery option. I will use them every time!"


"I was really excited and very pleased with the screen. They put it on in a matter of minutes. His personality was also outstanding."